Friday, October 5, 2012

FYI Friday

1.  I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend.  Thank you, Mr. Columbus for sailing the ocean blue so that I may have a day off from the daily grind.  How thoughtful of you!  Sawyer and I will be kicking it old school while Colin is in school.  Who am I kidding, I have no doubt I'll be trying to do way too much in the kitchen to "catch up" on all the things we really don't need to be eating.  Carrot Cake Pie anyone?

2.  We've been on the topic of "Owned" at church the last few weeks and this book ties right into that.  I'm almost afraid to read it for fear of what I'd really learn about myself.  Probably means I need to read it, huh?

3.  It may be time for our annual pumpkin patch adventure this weekend.  Weather permitting, we may be having our 2012 photo op here.  Both children still own and can wear the clothes in the picture below.  Here's hoping this year the weather is as nice and maybe I'll actually catch them looking this time!

4.  Colin's fall break is next weekend and my mom has graciously offered to have a sleepover on Thursday.  A weeknight without kids?  Whatever will Wes and I do?  Maybe go to an adult place that we've been wanting to go - either here or here.  Just as long as we're home by 9:30 so grandma can get her beauty rest!

5.  I've always wanted to try yoga.  Anyone in Lexington have a recommendation?  I think it would be great for the body and soul - isn't that what they promise?  No?  



  1. Your boys can still wear some of the same clothes from last year?! Sam can't even wear the same clothes from last WEEK! (At least it seems that way sometimes...) I think we are going to attempt a pumpkin patch this year too. Looks like Boyd's is your pick, then?

  2. Did you go to the pumpkin patch? I can't wait to see pictures!