Thursday, July 5, 2012

Colin's Superhero Pary

I'm not sure who looks more forward to Colin's birthday party each year, me, Wes, or the birthday boy himself.  After some back-and-forth on the theme, he ultimately decided on Superhero (despite my best efforts to sway him towards a pirate theme - walk the plank anyone?!).  Somewhere along the lines, the 2 of them had to go to Toys R Us for something and they came home with a Wolverine mask and an announcement that I had to get Colin a costume for his party.  I live with some demanding children.  I'm sure none of you can relate.  Not only was Colin to wear a costume, Wes was too.  He would be the bad guy.  Thankfully, I was left out of the costume equation!  I just got the fun job of orchestrating the entire adventure!

Being the thrifty, wannabe crafter, resourceful person that I am, I wanted to make as much of the goodies as I could.  I can't take credit for the creative mastermind but I did do the labor.  The bunting was made with old comic books and awesome superhero printables from Kiki and Company (Father's Day 2012).  I also used the printables for the food tags and award certificates.  I found all the various logos online and then used cardstock to support them for the centerpiece.  For the Gotham City backdrop, I just used black posterboard and glued on some white windows.  I picked up most of the favors at Target in either their $1 bins or their party favor aisle.  

The fellow superheroes were greeted with a Superman shield that I personalized for Colin.  Alongside the shield were their favors.  

Since not all of the kids were coming in costume, I didn't want them to be left out.  I cut out masks for them to decorate and had red capes on each of their chairs for each of them to put on to complete the look.

The kids loved making their masks and were instantly transformed into real life superheroes!

The youngest superhero in training.

After they were sufficiently dressed as superheroes, they had some snacks to power up for the obstacle course.

I lined the kids up to give them instructions on how to complete the obstacle course.  As I began to give directions, Wes was busy stealing the presents and taking them to the clubhouse outside.  After he was secure, I told the kids that I noticed the presents had been stolen.  It must have been a villain!  The kids darted out the door to start the course.  They ran in and out of cones "quick as a flash", rescued a puppy from a burning tent, leaped tall building with a single bounds, and defeated the villain to return their gift to Colin!  

Colin couldn't wait to open his gifts after all the excitement!  We are now overflowing with more superhero gear than I thought was possible!

As if the kids needed anything to make them more hyper, cupcakes were served after presents.  

At the end of the party, each superhero was given a certificate from the "Superhero Academy" proclaiming them to be a real superhero!

After the party, Colin gave me the best compliment he could, "Mama, I want this exact same party again next year!"  

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  1. AWESOME! What an adorable party, Danielle. I love this idea and can't wait for Wilson to be big enough to enjoy a Super Hero party!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I would have never dreamed it would so fun to plan a superhero party but it was!

  2. Love all the ideas! Isn't Pinterest amazing? My favorite is the obstacle course. So fun!!!

  3. SO FREAKING CUTE ... I might copy it EXACTLY! (I only wish there were little girl superheros too!)

  4. LOVE this! Thanks so much for giving me your link.:) I will for sure feature it soon on my site.


  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Colin! Looks like the perfect party - I'm impressed with all your attention to the details :)

  6. Super Cute! I wish my boy was young again so I could throw parties like this again!

    Would love for you to stop by my link party at The Purple Pumpkin Blog and add this post!

    Have a great day :)

  7. I have to say I see a lot of parties on the Internet but this is the best do far !! I really wish me and the boys were there!!! My son made masks like that at playschool this week too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great party!
    I just had a superhero party for my little guy...Pinterest was awesome for ideas, wasn't it?
    You can see my post here...