Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foodie Penpal: Month 2

It's time once again for me to introduce my Foodie Penpal and show you the awesome loot he sent me.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised to find out my penpal was a male.  Not that males don't eat, I just assumed they wouldn't be interested.  I'm so glad Jason decided to participate because he sent me some great stuff!  Turns out, Jason and my husband have quite a bit in common.  They are both lawyers, they're funny (Jason gets paid for it, Wes does not!), and they both are passionate about food.

I didn't realize my food preferences were that uncommon but Jason said he wasn't used to looking at labels and generally ate whatever looked good to him.  I can certainly appreciate that but maybe I was able to introduce him to some new products that he hadn't seen before.

He definitely introduced me to a new product in this Alo Drink.  He said it's one of his favorites and that it's a slightly acquired taste.  He's right in that it has a slightly odd consistency but the flavor is quite refreshing and light.  The kids appreciated his efforts for them with their Clif Kids Fruit Ropes.  Colin loves to help me open the packages and his eyes lit up when he saw those.  He asked if he could have one and later when I read Jason's letter, I realized he had picked those our especially for the boys.  How thoughtful?!

Jason also included some quinoa and one of his favorite recipes to go along with it.  He wants a chance to post his great recipe on his blog, Maur Power Foodie, so I'll oblige and not give any spoilers.  It looks delicious though!

To round out the box, we got some organic gingersnap cookies (because I told him I didn't love chocolate), and some Nature's Path Love Granola, Aloha Blend.  That stuff is the bomb!  I could eat it by the bowl-fulls!  Colin is a huge fan too and now requests it when he has cereal.  I've already picked up their Carrot Cake flavor to try next.

So thanks, Jason for introducing me to some new products and for taking the time to participate in such a fun group!  I'm already looking forward to seeing who I'm paired with next month and getting to go shopping for them.  I know Colin is looking forward to opening our next box of goodies!

If you're interested in learning more or participating, contact Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.  You don't have to be a avid cook, just someone who loves food!  Lindsay send the pairings on the 5th and then you have until the 15th to contact your pal and find out their dietary restrictions/preferences and get their package out in the mail.  Then you sit tight and wait for your pal to send your box.  Open, enjoy, and write a post on the last day of the month.  Easy!  

The Lean Green Bean


  1. Glad you and the boys liked everything. Let me know your thoughts on the Quinoa recipe once you try it :-) Keep in touch!

  2. Sounds like you got some great goodies in your package!

  3. you certainly got some good stuff! that aloha crunch flavor of granola sounds so awesome.

    1. I got it right here in Monroe, CT at a local natural foods. It is great. Thank you Danielle for giving me an excuse to go in there. Some great stuff.