Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homemade Superhero Valentines

As a friend of mine noted, the kids Valentines selection stinks.  They are so cheap - both in looks and quality - and they don't even come with an envelope anymore!  I'm pretty sure the cost has doubled, if not tripled since we were kids, but the product has diminished greatly.  After buying these for a couple years during the preschool phase, I vowed to do better this year.  

Please keep in mind, I do not have a lot of spare time on my hands.  I say that not to invite a pity party, but to emphasize how quick and easy homemade Valentines can be.  From start to finish, the entire project took about an hour.  A small sacrifice for a much cute Valentine!  

Colin is huge superhero fan, so it was no surprise he chose the Super Friends theme over "Owl always love you!"  Probably a wise decision.  I'm not ready for any kind of love triangle scenario just yet.

Here's a quick tutorial.  First you cut out the capes from a heavy cardstock - I used scrapbook paper.  Then find some logos online and print and cut them out.  Affix them to the back of each cape with a small piece of double-sided foam tape.  

Then type and print your selected message.  Cut to fit on the reverse side of the cape.

If you're feeling extra generous, you can add a sucker before adhering the message to the cardstock.

The finished product!  Colin can't wait to pass them out to his friends and that makes my little heart smile.

I might have had a little assistance in the process.

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  1. I really wish you had girls so that I could bookmark your ideas and use them in a few years : )

    Love this and I'm sure they will be a huge hit on Valentine's day!