Friday, July 6, 2012

Just like Bubby

Colin and Sawyer may not look much alike, but they sure do share many of the same attributes.  They both suck their thumbs (although Colin is trying to kick the habit since he turned 5), they are both very loud and screech and scream for fun, they are both very active and have to keep moving to avoid getting into trouble, they both love to be snuggled and loved on, and perhaps the biggest similarity, they both LOVE to eat!  Specifically corn! Without prompting, they both began eating it the same way - holding it by themselves and eventually vertically, so as to not miss a single kernel!

Colin, Summer 2009

And the vertical flip.

Sawyer, Summer 2012

The same vertical flip!


The end result is always the same, an empty cob.


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  1. Sam loves corn on the cob too. We were cutting it off the cob & letting him eat it with a fork & he found it highly insulting.