Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Attention All Parents

How are you feeling about the relationship you have with your kids these days?

Specifically, are you confident that you are connecting with your child with the best part of yourself 100% of the time?

I think that we can all agree that there is no perfection when it comes to parenting. We can agree that despite our best intentions, there are moments when all of us parents know we could do better. We wish we could keep it together, keep our cool, and stay in control, but…

We get triggered and we react.

And then our kids react back, become distant or shut down.

There’s good news that I want to share with you today. First of all, you’re not alone. And secondly, there are explanations and solutions to breaking this cycle for good.

I want to introduce you to Jolette Jai and Kiva Leatherman. They are the authors of “Quality Time with Your Kids: The Simple Directions” and the founders of “Peace of Mind Parenting.” They’ve worked with hundreds of parents around the world to create the kinds of relationships that are possible between parents and their children with the right tools and strategies. They’ve discovered the sweet spot between dominant control over our kids and permissive parenting that causes kids to have no boundaries.

Jolette and Kiva are hosting a brand new, complimentary tele-class called:

THREE Secrets to Becoming the Parent You Were Meant To Be:
NEW Answers to Why the OLD Strategies Just Aren't Working for You and Your Child.

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In this class, you will learn:
·         The three dynamics of parenting that are more powerful than you and the answer to why you lose your cool, despite your best intentions.
·         To understand how these three dynamics work with each other and how they are reflected back to you by your child.
·         How coming to terms with your own childhood experience can dramatically impact the results that you are experiencing with your child.
·         The REAL reason that you aren’t seeing the behavior that you want from your child, even when you’ve found a punishment or consequence that “works.”

Jolette and Kiva are on a mission to change the way that parenting is done, so that more and more children can be released from the generational patterns of believing that they are anything less than the miracles that they are, and that more and more parents can be released from the cycles of guilt, anger and frustration that they are experiencing doing things the old way.

I’m so excited about this because Jolette and Kiva truly get to the heart of what will create more peace and calm in your home, more connected relationships, and (most importantly) self-esteem, confidence, personal responsibility and cooperation from your child.

This is a class that you’re not going to want to miss…

For your complimentary registration  ==> CLICK HERE.

I hope you'll join me on this eternal quest to be a better parent.

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