Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday FYI

1.  Maybe this would keep my life in order.  Think it might work for you, you can enter for a chance to win too!  
2.  Big thanks to my talented and thoughtful designer, Abby, for recommending slip-covered furniture for my family room.  Sawyer decided he was a big boy and tried to, unbeknownst to me, change his poopy diaper himself.  And what did he use for a wipe?  Oh, the couch.  I immediately thought of Abby and sent her a virtual hug and kiss as I removed 3 of the slip covered cushions.  Some people say you shouldn't wash IKEA slipcovers but nay, nay, I say differently.  It worked like a charm.  Maybe it's time to potty train?

3.  I came across this post about not following your passion.  Sounds crazy at first, but the guy has a point.  Sometimes our work can lead to our passion and not the other way around.  Sometimes our passion just doesn't pay or isn't feasible.  Kind of takes the pressure off trying to find the golden path of our lives.

4.  Can't wait to sink my teeth into one of these.  It's in Spalding's old location, so it has some mighty big shoes to fill.  Word on the street is that they're pretty darn good.

5.  A big thanks to the kind folks behind the Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show for supplying me with a ticket to tomorrow's big event!  I'm anxious to see what tricks and treats Tyler Florence has up his chef coat's sleeve!  Maybe I'll see you there (:



  1. I feel like I have a comment on each of these!

    1. I wish there was something that could keep me organized! My luck I'd lose the notebook in one of my purses or computer bags, ha.

    2. I saw that post on FB and immediately thought, thank goodness she has those slipcovers! So glad to hear it washed out!

    3. So, a while back a friend told me she decided that she'd "work for money and volunteer for her passions" ... I loved that idea and try to embody it. I volunteer for causes that are close to my heart now and we're squirreling away as much as we can to (hopefully) retire early and follow our true dreams.

    4. YUMMM-O! Let me know what you think! Maybe a mini-review? I think you need to do a side-by-side taste test of the two!

    5. Let me know how the show goes! I've had to miss this every year and I bums me out!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. We actually have tried those donuts! The owner is related to someone Shawn works with, so he stopped one day after work. My personal opinion??? A little too greasy, but the flavor was good. Better than Spalding's? Dunno...I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

    And I totally thought of you when I saw Lee Cruise talking about the food show this morning on the news. I figured you'd be there!

  3. Love the new look of your blog, Danielle! Have fun at the Food Show!

  4. I love the new name and look of your blog! The donuts on North Lime are amazing!