Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sawyer's First (real) Haircut

Sawyer was very ready for his first haircut.  He had been trying to tell us for days that he needed a cut but we just wouldn't listen.  

It's amazing how quickly they learn the universal language.  Let's get a closer look, shall we?

 Poor second child, Mommy didn't get to witness it.  Once you see it once, you've seen it enough.  As much hair as our family has, there will be plenty more.  Plus, I had already cut it numerous times at home and saved some precious locks (that I now have no idea where they are).

So Daddy took him and got to wear a glamorous zebra cape.  Arrrr!!

Look at those luscious locks.  Sorry mullet, maybe next year.

Voila!  A lovely bowl cut.  Not exactly what I would have chosen but with that face, is there a wrong one?


Sawyer loved getting his hair cut.  I mean, who doesn't love someone running their fingers through his/her hair?  He better get used to it.  I see a lot of ladies standing in line.


  1. Thank you for visiting me. I have been checking out your blog this morning and enjoyed reading several of your posts. You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed reading about Sawyer's haircut. I have a 4 year old grandson that is the light of my life and this reminded me of his haircuts. He has beautiful hair and, yes, he better get used to it because he is going to be a charmer.

  2. I cannot get over how adorable your boys are! I am totally jealous of Sawyer's lucious, blonde locks! Did he ever lose any as a baby? He looks so grown up in that barber chair!

  3. Aww he looks like such a little man with his haircut!

  4. Beautiful hair and good looks. fantastic posting for first haircut. superb sharing and good family

  5. His hair is so adorable and SO blonde. Jude's hair is still so short...I know if he saw this pic he'd have major hair envy :)