Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Whoopsies!

We're number 1, can't be number 2, we're going to knock the whoopsies! out of you!  Did your cheerleaders do that cheer in high school?  Cheers were one of those things that I took for granted were universal amongst high schools.  It wasn't until I was chanting one of our lame cheers and Wes gave me the raised eyebrow, "what in the world are you singing" look that I realized some were school traditions. So, honestly, I'm not sure if that little cheer was an original or not but it sure has stuck with me over the years.  Those cheerleaders and their hypnotic ways.

Several weeks ago I entered a giveaway on Wendy's blog and I left a comment something like, "I've never wanted to win a giveaway as much as I want to win this one!"  What did I want to win?  

COOKIES!  Me like cookies!  I love whoopie pies but I hate the amount of time and effort they require. So if someone is willing to do the work for me, it's a win, win!  Enter Whoopsies! Gourmet Whoopie Pies.

The random integer man must have heard my sweet tooth calling because I won!  I got to pick two of their full list of scrumptious flavors.  It was hard because there were those I liked, those Wes liked, and very few that both he and I liked.  In the end, I went with one we both liked and then rewarded myself with the win by picking my favorite as the second flavor.

The box came all adorably wrapped like the box above (that was actually Wendy's box because I was too eager and ripped my open before thinking of getting my camera).  The inside of the box had cute polka dot tissue paper and confetti-like paper shreds.  They had me won over before I even bit into the first cookie.  Then I saw the cookies.  Holy cow!

Just look at the size of those things!  Oh baby, come to mama!!

The 2 flavors I chose were Drunk Blonde (vanilla cookies with bourbon cream filling) and Pumpkin Patch.  

Be still my heart, these were Heaven on Earth, the bees knees, the piece de resistance.  Whatever you call them, I call them good!  I could barely fit the whole delicious cookie sandwich in my mouth but I wasn't complaining.  I tried the pumpkin first and was blown away by the amount of spice and flavor in this bad boy.  The cream filling had a hint of marshmallow creme (probably to help maintain the consistency).  There was a good ratio of cookie to filling, as I felt like I tasted both in every bite.

The next night - yes I eat dessert every night - I tried the Drunk Blonde and surprising to me, I think I liked it even better.  I wasn't sure it was possible after that perfect taste of fall goodness with the Pumpkin Patch but this one was pretty darn good.  I like simple things and I love vanilla, so this just hit home for me.  You could really taste an intense vanilla flavor in the cookie.  If I had to find one complaint, it's that the bourbon didn't come across very strong in the cream.  You have to remember, I'm from KY and we know our bourbon!

You can order these little dandies for yourself from their site or from calling their toll-free number.  I can't wait to get another batch!  I tried to make mine last longer by freezing them but that didn't keep me away.  They only take about an hour to thaw out and that's just enough time to give the boys a bath, read books, and put them to bed.  Then, and only then, it became sweet, sweet, whoopsies! time.  Dear sweet Mrs. Whoopsie, I'm officially addicted to your cookie pies.  In order to avoid the d.t.'s, could you please rush another box of delights to me?  I promise to take good care of them!


  1. Oh dear. This looks absolutely delicious...AND I've never had a whoopie pie. Can you believe it?! And I claim to be from Kentucky...

  2. Oh these look incredible! I've been wanting to try to make my own whoopie pies, but haven't found the time/patience. Maybe soon!

  3. Wow these look good, I just can't believe you refrained from eating them all in one sitting, lol!

  4. Oh wow, do I wish those were in my kitchen right now!

  5. I've heard the cheer. It does not surprise me even a little bit that Wes has not. Shawn looks at me like I'm speaking Chinese every time I recite a nursery rhyme or something to Sam. Boys...