Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Colin

So as to not forget the hilarious things that our 3-year old says, I'm documenting them here for the entire world to enjoy.

When Colin was sick last week, he was clearly out of his mind.  Each time we got up with him after he had done his business, he would say something totally nonsensical.  I can't remember any of them except the first one because at least it is a complete thought, an inaccurate one, but something that had been said in the past.

"It sure was a special treat for me to get to stay up extra late tonight." 

I'm not sure he's completely back to reality yet after a few comments he's made in the last 24 hours. 

"The reason I've been acting bad lately is because...remember that reindeer bag I made at Isabella's party?  Remember the eyes?  I ate one." 

And just like that it was a fact:  googly eyes make you behave badly.

"Mommy, the reason I didn't sleep good last night was because my pillow fell down."

This was while he talked out of the side of his mouth, while scrunching up his eyes and nose at the light from the bathroom I was in.  I'm pretty sure he would have gone right back to sleep had I not been getting ready, thus signaling the go-ahead that it was time to get up. 

Mayhaps I should look up what high fevers can do to one's brain function...


  1. LOL. Poor guy! Is he feeling any better?

  2. So cute! It's good that you jotted this down, so you can remember it down the road. I love what these little ones say (most of the time!)

  3. that is hilarious! i always knew those googly eyes were trouble.