Friday, March 11, 2011

Thankful Friday

So I missed yesterday but teacher I have a good excuse.  I could even provide a written doctor's excuse if need be.  I had a man down and I was playing nurse.  So today I'm thankful for phenergan!  That is seriously a miracle drug.  I am, by no means, a pill popper but I'll always make the exception for that little gem.  There's nothing worse than a tummy ache and I'm thankful that today my little guy feels much better!

And he's thankful for 2 treats he's never had until today, Sprite (well Whole Foods version) and Jell-O.  Right about now he thinks his doctor is the bees knees for suggesting them!

I hope you have a great, sick-free weekend!


  1. you're excused... no doctors notice necessary:) glad to here your little man is feeling better.

  2. Oh no...I hope everyone else in the house avoids the pukes.