Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warmer Weather Weekend

Saturday was remarkably beautiful in my old Kentucky home.  Silly me, I thought that would mean Sunday would be just as nice - as in just as warm.  After taking a walk with both boys, we found out the hard way that the day doesn't start out being warm.  Neither of them seemed to mind the frigid chill though.  Colin enjoyed getting to play on the playground and Sawyer enjoyed a nice snooze.  I enjoyed a brief moment of sanity.  So, please God, I'm pleading with you, more of this weather would be beneficial to all of us.

I'm not sure what the frumpy face was for but I'm guessing it's because he didn't want his picture taken and we were about to go inside.  Or maybe it's because he didn't want to "get blinds from the sun."  Did you know you could get blinds from the sun?  It's true.  I just loved the hair way too much to pass up the photo opportunity!


  1. So glad you got to enjoy a little sunshine! Cute pics of the boys :) Sawyer's owl beanie is too cute—I was tempted by that one many times at baby gap!

  2. that pic belongs on the fridge for sure! and to be shown to his future girlfriends down the road :)

  3. love sawyer's hat! i wish we had more warm weather heading this way, but looks like it's going to be a loooong winter instead. boo!

  4. Oh I have seen that look!

    So glad to find you and your precious site!!

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