Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

With the not-so-desirable behavior a little 3-year old boy as of late, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of Santa this year.  In years past, we've talked about Santa and even sat on his lap but I could tell it wasn't registering with him.  I had high hopes for this year, but alas, it looks like I may have to wait one more year for the concept of "you better be good for goodness sake" to sink in.

Colin has a tendency to be somewhat frightened by men dressed in over-sized costumes (remember the Chik-fil-a cow saga?).  Last year he was very hesitant to sit on Santa's lap but ultimately a full belly did the trick.  Not being one to tempt fate, I opted for the eating approach again this year. 

Let the questions begin.  We started the day with some confusion.  Somehow he thought breakfast with Santa meant it was Christmas morning and Buff, Grandpa, and Granny were coming to our house to eat breakfast.  Once we got that straightened out, we were off to celebrate with the old people at our Shriner's Temple.  Immediately upon arrival, Colin wanted to know where Santa's reindeers were.  Um, they're either on the roof or he parked around back.  I've learned to be quick on my feet with my responses!  Once inside, how come Santa isn't eating with us?  He probably already ate.  But you said we were having breakfast with Santa.  True.

After 3 sausage patties, 1 pancake, a bowl of fruit (eaten in 2.5 seconds during the car ride over), and a full glass of milk, he was ready to sit on his lap.  Not much hesitation this year.  Up he went.  I tried to chat it up with Santa because I knew Colin would not.  I told him about the reindeer question and luckily he played right along, saying that the reindeer were up on the roof.  Other than that exchange, I don't think Santa said another word.  I snapped my pictures and that was it.

Oh sure, he'll smile for the random lady taking his picture but not for me.

I had hoped I could get him to hold Sawyer, so I could get a picture with both but after seeing how unfriendly he was, I didn't even bother asking.  So Daddy played Santa for Sawyer.  He was too busy looking around and it was doubtful I would have gotten a good shot anyways.  I did snap these of my nosy, totally uninterested little boy.

Next year, I think we will forego the breakfast with the elderly and seek out a real Santa place where Mr. Claus actually knows how to interact with children.  And both boys will be in the picture, even if that means tears.  Torture Memories here people!


  1. The Santa at Fayette Mall was pretty good. Sam was a little unsure of him, but he talked to him and played with him long enough to get a picture. Of course, the downside to that was we had to actually GO to Fayette Mall. :)

  2. I fully support tear filled Santa pics! Memories guys! Memories!! Our mall Santa was SO nice but I think he was getting handsomely paid. Either way.

  3. I hate when the Santas aren't friendly. Come one, you knew what you were getting into when you took the Santa gig! I think we're going to try Lexington Green again this year, they were great last year.

    Your boy can do some serious eating!!

  4. Sawyer looks so grown up in the pictures you posted ... maybe the outfit? They are both adorable and I love that Colin is all about the questions!

  5. How sad Santa was grumpy - you still got some super cute pics though and Sawyer is growing up so fast!

  6. haha how funny--Colin seems so witty with these questions. Sawyer is absolutely adorable!