Monday, December 14, 2009

Slow and steady wins the race

Perhaps I've heard one too many horror story about kids and their fears of Santa. Or perhaps I was assuming we'd have a repeat performance of the Chik-fil-a cow hysteria. Nonetheless, I decided to hedge my bets and take baby steps towards Santa's lap. As of Saturday, I'm proud to announce that my plan paid off, Colin sat in his lap without crying, screaming, or running away. No Christmas miracle though, he wouldn't take his thumb out of his mouth long enough to speak to him, let alone tell him what he wanted, but I was just so proud he actually sat on his lap that I couldn't have cared less.

So how did I do it? Well food is definitely the way to Colin's heart. Our local Shriners were having a breakfast with Santa function and I thought that would be the perfect combination - pancakes, old people, and Santa. We were the first ones there and therefore got special attention. For the next 20 minutes, Colin waved at poor Santa while attempting to eat. Generally nothing stops this kid from shoveling the food in but Santa had him pretty awestruck. Soon more guests arrived, some of which were thankfully children. I was counting on them to teach Colin and perhaps give him a little inspiration. None of them had any issues and immediately ran right up to him. I asked Colin if he wanted to go then or after he ate. He chose to postpone the inevitable a little longer.

The time had come. He eagerly ran within about 5 feet and then I had to pick him up from there to put him on his lap. I was fully expecting a protest but thank goodness for the thumb - it will fix anything. He was proud, I was proud, it was a good day. He told Buff that he didn't tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas because he was shy. I can't imagine where he heard that?

I noticed a pattern as I was importing these pictures and a few from Thanksgiving - the bulging belly. I swear his clothes do fit! Maybe it's time to go up yet another size. Geesh, it must be all those pancakes (: And I also apologize for the quality of these photos. I wasn't really concentrating on that as much as I was trying to get as many shots as I could before my luck ran out.

Santa let him hold the jingle bell and Colin loved it.


  1. YAY!!! Go Colin!!! What size of clothes is Colin in? He looks so TALL!! Pierce is wearing 2T pants (kind of snug in the middle but def long enough) & 2T / 3T shirts!

  2. Way to go Colin! We're attempting Santa this weekend, but I don't think it's going to go over very well...

  3. Hurray! I'm usually more agreeable to difficult tasks on a full stomach, too. Good call with the pancake breakfast...