Thursday, December 17, 2009

Festive Follies

Is that the look of a mischievous little boy or what? That look pretty much says it all - he's a little bit rotten, a little bit sneaky, but a whole lot of joy!

After hearing the following story, a friend told me she could tell just by looking at him that there'd be more shenanigans to come. She said there was just something that radiates from him that says sneaky. Well he's 2 1/2 and we're already experiencing it, so perhaps she's on to something. Just listen to this tale.

Earlier this week I told Colin that if he ate all his oatmeal for breakfast he could have a cinnamon roll. That certainly put a skip in his step, despite the fact I don't think he had ever had one before. He gave up eating his oatmeal about halfway through the bowl and I gently reminded him of the reward. That didn't seem to have the same effect it did the first time.

It was time for me to go upstairs to finish getting ready and I asked him if he wanted to come up with me or stay downstairs. He said stay downstairs. I should have known that answer was trouble considering the last time he chose to stay downstairs I came back to 10 ornaments off the tree, all lined up on our coffee table. I believe in second chances and thought perhaps he had learned his lesson.

Wes and I noticed he was being suspiciously quiet downstairs when suddenly we heard a small thud. No one was hurt (no tears) but I did rush down to see what was going on. Much to my surprise, Colin had taken his little stool out of the bathroom and moved it into the kitchen up next to the counter. He then climbed up and found the cake pan containing the cinnamon rolls. Now keep in mind he had never seen under the foil, so he had no idea they were in there. So he removed the foil and apparently flung it in the air because it was in the adjoining family room. So I walk in and see the cinnamon rolls on the edge of the counter, the stool pushed up, and no cover on the pan. I immediately yell, "Colin Reid" in the most disappointed voice I could come up with while trying to disguise my laughter. He proudly looks at me and says, "I ate one!" He's standing by his plate in the family room with a half eaten roll on his plate. I must give him props for not inhaling the entire thing and thus destroying the evidence. No, he was proud at punch that he had climbed to get the treasure and apparently thought I'd be just as proud. I took it from him and reminded him of our deal. Tears began to form and Wes reassured him he could have the rest of it after he finished his oatmeal. It was as if I hadn't told him that 17 times because he said okay and off he went to eat the rest of his breakfast.

After he got his treat and as he was woofing it down, he said, "I can have another one after this one." I laughed and said no. As if I wasn't even there, he turned to Wes to try his luck again. No need to even change the words, he told Wes, "I can have another one after this one." Wes and I both just laughed, called him sneaky, and said no.

But then there are times like tonight when he so eagerly plays photo session with Mommy so she can show off his new haircut. As long as the sneakiness contains itself to these innocent tales, I'll manage just fine. Wes and I will just need to work on holding in our laughter and keeping a straight face. But who could resist this face?

Now if you saw him, you'd think he's the perfect angel because he's incredibly shy and reserved. He more than makes up for it behind closed doors. Lucky us! Here's a picture of his super shy smile.


  1. I LOVE this story! It made me smile when I've mostly just been feeling grumpy!!! He needed to know what a cinnamon roll tasted like before finishing the oatmeal.

    Pierce loves oatmeal. I roast either apples or pears, puree them & then freeze them in ice cube trays - then I put one or two in his oatmeal & it sweetens it naturally!

    What kind of cinnamon rolls did you make?

    I LOVE the second picture - the way the lights are shining make it look so fantastic!!!

  2. Very cute...and sneaky! They're just so darn funny sometimes that it's hard not to laugh.

  3. Very cute...and sneaky! They're just so darn funny sometimes that it's hard not to laugh.

  4. That is so cute (and sneaky)he is a super cute (and clever) boy.

  5. need to be very specific about your rules in the future. I foresee lots of loopholes being found.