Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Man

Today is Little Man's 5-month birthday.  We're not breaking out the cupcakes and candles but I did want to give a few updates (if for nothing else, so that I'll have them actually written down and can remember them months from now).

So far he's tried rice cereal, prunes, and oatmeal.  The 2 cereals have gone over fine but the prunes were yucky to you.  Who could blame him?  You still very much prefer milk in it's unaltered state but you'll at least eat the cereal without gagging and making a horrible face.

The prunes were an attempt to get your bowels flowing.  You must be storing up for the winter because what goes in does not seem to come out.  So far you don't seem to be in any discomfort, so we'll just keep waiting...and waiting.

You have discovered your hands and haven't removed them from your mouth ever since.  You recently were sitting in your Bumbo seat and bent over to discover your feet.  You tried your hardest to get one in your mouth but you couldn't.  You then got frustrated and wanted out of that seat.  Patience is a common trait in our house!

When you hold Daddy's fingers, you love to pull yourself up to a standing position.  You've skipped the seating or kneeling position and have gone straight to full on standing.  You lock those little knees and are strong as an ox.  Daddy predicts you'll be an early walker, maybe even foregoing crawling.

You are also constantly moving and kicking and squirming - another sign you'd love to take off.
Your hair is still rockin'.  I'm not sure anything short of a buzz is going to tame that beast.  Between your pretty blue eyes and your wild hair, you get a lot of comments from onlookers.  We think it's super cute and couldn't imagine our little Sawyer without it.

Your smile is infectious and lucky for us, you still give it to us a lot.  You're talking and cooing away and we just need to learn your language so we can engage in a conversation with you.  Right now it seems very one-sided.

It's hard to believe it's already been 5 months since you were born.  You are getting to be such a big boy!  We love you and your beautiful smile.


  1. What a cutie! Love his hair! I remember those days - such a precious age. :)

  2. Love his hair! That's going to require some serious product.

  3. What a fun little boy! I love his hair - it's adorable and such a beautiful color.

  4. I love his hair and smile ... he's going to break some hearts sooner rather than later! I still think he and Colin look a lot alike, but Sawyer is growing into his own little personality more and more each time you post pictures.

  5. he is so cute!! i read this and thought.... he is already eating??? wow time flies.... can't believe he is 5 months old. saw your questions about tula's nap- i have to be honest. she really never sleeps in a crib. but she takes a consistent 1-2 hour nap between feedings in her carseat (moving or not) and occasionally in a swing. the primary reason is because she has consistently had a yuck nose and can't breathe when you lay her down. the next reason is the sitter likes to transport her from room to room with the bigger kids. and last, she seems to like to constant noise. we just lay her in her carseat and wah-lah she is out. it works for us!! :) i hope you find something that works for mr. sawyer. ivy was always a crib sleeper and never slept anywhere else so this time we are shooting for more flexibility! hope this helps ??!!? :)

  6. absolutely adorable pictures! What a cutie.


  7. I had a hard time reading your post b/c I just kept looking at his hair! It's SO cute! Pierce's hairdresser said she's had 2 week old babies in b/c they've had SO much hair!!!

  8. Loved this post. I can't believe he is already 5 months and eating food, it seems like you just had him! His hair cracks me up, love it! Such a little hunk! :)