Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Birthday Festivities (Part 1)

According to Colin, this was "the best birthday ever!"  He has so many to compare it to but it's a sweet comment nonetheless.  The birthday festivities started at the blueberry patch with blueberry pancakes, followed by blueberry picking, and a horse ride.  It's hard to say which was his favorite, as he was drenched in sweat, yet still kept going.

Colin and Buff heading towards the blueberries.

Examining the berries.

A productive day!

Dripping with sweat but couldn't care less.

Getting ready for the big ride.

Next up, the presents and cupcakes.


  1. How cute! Glad little Colin had a great birthday! W loves blueberries too. :)

  2. Glad it has been the "best birthday ever" for Colin. Where is the blueberry patch? Lex?

  3. what a great Birthday idea!! Blueberries are the best, Glad he had the "best birthday ever"

  4. How very cute, Danielle! I love that Colin loves blueberries, and powered on for them no matter how hot it got!

  5. Aww!! That is such a cool idea!! I'm glad he had such a great birthday!!! Can't wait to see the cupcakes!! :)

  6. Great blog - your little one is adorable. It was my Sydney's 2nd birthday on the 26th as well! Just became a follower.

  7. That looks like one fabulous time!