Monday, June 28, 2010

The Birthday Festivities (Part 2)

Even the hot sun and running at the blueberry patch doesn't guarantee a nap!  We've been fighting this for several weeks now but that's a post for another day.  He chose pizza for dinner and wouldn't you know it, fell asleep on the way to the restaurant (despite my best efforts to talk to him, rub his arm, etc).  He woke 2 minutes later when we got to the restaurant.

After a full belly, it was time for presents!  He loved his new books but especially loved the matching game Wes picked out for him.  I was afraid it might be a little too old for him but he proved us wrong almost immediately.  Many games later, it was time for bed.  Thankfully for all involved, he didn't protest and went straight to sleep.

Playing the memory game with daddy.

Sunday we had a small cookout for him.  He was very excited about it nonetheless and talked about it all day.  He loved being the center of attention but loves to have visitors in the house even more.  He opened his gifts from my family and unfortunately took several trips to the timeout chair.  I reluctantly gave him his cupcake (for the reward and sugar factors) and he proceeded to slowly eat all the icing off it.  He left most of the cake but kept coming back several times for another bite.

Daddy reading one of the many books Buff got him.

He told me again that it was the best birthday ever.  So even though I felt somewhat guilty about the lackluster fanfare, apparently he was none the wiser and thought it was just great!


  1. What a smart little guy! I'm so impressed by his love of the matching game!

    Question - when did you start using the timeout chair??

  2. So sweet!!! That sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday to me!

  3. he is so cute! we've been doing the timeouts too. ella doesn't just cry when she is in timeout; she screams!oh, it's so tiring. it totallly drains me.

  4. Colin is seriously so precious! I want a red-headed baby so bad, but I don't think it's in the cards. Haha.

    As for the lackluster birthday fanfare, seriously, kids at that age could care less. W would have been happy with a cupcake and candles. That was her favorite part. :)

  5. You had cake and gifts. What else do you need for a birthday? Perhaps ice cream...

  6. nothing like a redheaded boy! He's So cute!

  7. so great to meet a fellow kentuckian!! happy belated birthday to your little guy - i'm lovin his gorgeous red hair!! crossing my fingers at least one of my future ankle biters has momma's red hair =)

    thanks for your sweet comments and of course you count! I went to UK for just one year in undergrad but pharmacy school in VA - the hubs just graduated from UK business school. Love my CATS!!