Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Colin!

It's hard to believe 3 years ago today I was busy preparing myself for the biggest milestone in my life!  I remember the morning like it was yesterday.  And now, here I am 3 years later about to do it all over again.  I wouldn't change one minute of it!  Hard to believe but here was my baby boy then:

(*Warning:  Long post coming!)

Dearest Colin,

Wow!  How is it possible that 3 years have already flown by?  I remember this day 3 years ago when Daddy and I (and a few other people) were so anxious for your arrival and couldn't wait to see what you would look like - both inside and out.

Never could I have imagined the sheer joy you have brought to my life.  I think about you while I'm at work and can't to get home so I can see your smiling face light up when you see me.  The days you're playing outside with Daddy are my favorite because I feel like I have a special welcoming committee.  Your excitement to see me and that smile of yours absolutely makes my day.  I can only hope that excitement lasts for years to come!

You are such a sweet child and are quick to tell me (unprompted) that you "missed me today" or that "you love me" or that "I'm your friend."  No matter how bad I feel or how frustrated I may be with you, those little words make me forget everything.  You love to show your affection by giving lots of hugs and kisses.

You could play outside, hot or cold, for hours on end.  Your little face turns bright red and you literally pour the sweat but you'd never complain.  Whenever you ride your tricycle, you insist on putting on your helmet for safety.  I guess you're going to walk the line just like your Daddy (honest Abe).  You won't put your feet on the petals yet so it might be a while before you're actually able to ride.  That certainly doesn't stop you.

Grandpa is one of your favorite people in the whole world.  If you could spend every minute of every hour with him, it still wouldn't be enough for you.  You love your Papaw Jerry too and even though you don't get to see him often, you pick up where you left off every time and don't want to leave his side.  It's funny to us because you used to be scared of men, especially Grandpa.  Now when you're not with him you tell us how much you miss him.

You are still a great eater although you have learned the phrase, "my tummy is full."  I'm not sure if you actually understand what you're saying or if you're just using it as an excuse to not finish your dinner.  There are very few foods you won't eat and if we're eating something you're not (a rarity), you look at it intently and ask lots of questions.  Often you'll want to try a bite and often you like it.  Some of your favorite foods are red peppers, cherry tomatoes, raspberries (really all fruit), "crunchy things" (croutons), and dried papaya is by far your favorite!

Having a conversation with you is like having a conversation with an adult.  You speak so well, as strangers often stop to tell us as such.  You absorb everything we say and somehow are able to use it in the right context several days later.  You know your alphabet and can recognize almost every letter.  You can also count to 30 on a good day.

You LOVE to be read to and get read at least 4 books a night - 2 from Daddy and 2 from Mommy.  One of your favorites is "If You Give A Pig A Pancake."  You have the entire book memorized and correct us if we miss a word.  Some of your other favorites are Elmo and Curious George.

Just recently we started potty-training you and you caught on in no time.  You use a Sesame Street potty seat that fits onto the big potty.  You've even stood up a couple times like a big boy.  The "stickas" are your favorite part because you love to be rewarded.

You still carry "blue" as your security blanket and your thumb is usually in your mouth.  You love other kids but are still a little timid and shy to go up to them.  You would rather stare (I wonder where you get that?!).  Once you break that initial barrier, you are all in their face and ready to play.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you so much.  I wish there was some way to bottle you up and keep you this age forever because it's just so much fun.  I know you're going to be a fantastic big brother to "Pete" because you already show him so much love.  I would love to keep you in a bubble but I know I must let you learn and spread your wings.  One thing is for sure, I'll always be your mommy and I'll love you unconditionally.  Happy 3rd Birthday to my special little Colin!!



  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday Colin!!!

  2. That is the sweetest letter! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend celebrating his special day!

  3. Happy Birthday Colin! What a sweet letter!

  4. Happy Birthday, Colin!! He will treasure this letter.

  5. Happy Birthday Colin!! Such a sweet post and wonderful idea. Happy belated bday to you too :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Colin! What a sweet letter; sons are so special...! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest boys! I love this letter, Danielle - he will be so happy to read this one day!

  8. Can't believe our little ones are already three. It seems like just yesterday we were chatting about what labor/delivery was going to be like, etc. I have enjoyed every minute of this ride with you and our "six day apart" kiddos. You have kept me sane, provided good advice, and made me laugh as we've shared the ups and downs. I'm looking forward to when you have two and we can commiserate on all the joy (and frustrations) that brings. You will love watching them interact, and I CAN'T WAIT to meet "Pete!" You are a wonderful, wonderful Mommy, and Colin is blessed to have you :)

    Love you,