Monday, March 22, 2010

On, on U of K

Any non-KY fan, this is your fair warning to turn the channel and wait for a different post. Our Cats have worked hard and more than deserve a congratulatory post on my tiny little blog. If you follow college basketball at all, you are well aware of the huge upset from Saturday night. Wes cheered so hard for Northern Iowa that I was beginning to question his loyalty to his precious Cats. It was sad to see the Kansas players crying but bittersweet in that we won't have to be challenged by the overall number 1 seed!

Let me back up for a moment and explain a few things regarding sports, specifically UK sports, in our house. Basically what you need to know is we live and breathe blue and white. I've always been a fan in the sense that I didn't cheer for another team but growing up I certainly didn't watch every game, much less know when the games were being played. I did work at a KY store in high school and that kept me in the loop as far as their winnings and losings but I still didn't watch them religiously. Enter into my life Wes and everything changed. I know more about KY sports than I ever thought imaginable - and I only retain a small fraction of all the random (and sometimes useless) factoids Wes imposes on me daily, sometimes hourly during March! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching and cheering but my world doesn't fall apart if we lose a game - unlike some people I know.

For those of you not from KY, I'm sure you hate Kentucky fans and that's fair. We love to show our pride of the blue and sometimes to an obnoxious extent. While I don't own any of the checkerboard blue and white overalls, I do own my fair share of blue attire and have seen my fair share of games, both regular season and tournament play. The birth of our dear Colin has put a halt on our travel but we both look forward to the day he can join us in cheering on the Cats, as does he!

Wes has wasted no time getting Colin acclimated to the Wildcats. Colin often asks as we're putting him to bed if Daddy is going to the "bae-ment" to watch the wildcats. One night last week he asked this and then said he wanted to be on tv one day. Wes told him maybe he would be. He then said he wanted to be John Wall and Wes told him to get good sleep so he could keep growing. I'm not sure where he's supposed to pick up the coordination and quickness that both Wes and I lack but those are just the details. Yes, he proclaims to be John Wall now and when he's playing with his doctor's kit, he's Dr. John Wall. He likes to make this assertion as he slams the ball into his miniature basketball net and it provides Wes and I with hours of entertainment. If only there was an ounce of truth in his proclamation. I could begin dreaming of retirement, a beach house, traveling the world, and dining somewhere different every night. Oh let's not get carried away. I guess President of the United States would be okay too.

Back to the reason for my post. The Wildcats have given us quite an impressive show in their first 2 wins of the tournament. With all the buzzer-beaters and upsets, it's been a bit of relief to see our Cats finally turn it on and have a couple decided victories. Here's to the next round and more of the same excitement! I hope Syracuse is ready for the sea of blue that's about to explode in their city!!


  1. I don't hate KY, but I sure do love my Jayhawks. I was crying right along with those players. It was a very sad day. Good luck to your team!

  2. KY basketball is definitely a religion in the Bluegrass!! I am excited about the Sweet 16 ... not super excited about the fact the Thursday game is at 10pm though ... Go CATS!!!

  3. My whole family is die hard UK fans, and my husband is a Duke season is very interesting in our household! I always hope for UK to win, but don't follow any of the games.

    My mom taught Bailey how to do the John Wall dance and she did out of the blue the other night at dinner and Nick about died! So Nick got her saying "Go Duke!" all weekend hoping she would say it today at my parents...the poor kid is going to be so confused :)

  4. Well you know it was pure happiness and joy in our household this past Saturday! Our husbands are so alike in their complete adoration of the Cats that it is a little bit eerie. I don't know how I'm going to stay up for the game on Thursday night!

  5. We live and breathe Spartan green around here. Only we have the same situation. If the team loses, I feel bad for them but if the team loses, Sam is in a bad mood ... what is that?! Who has time to be in a bad mood over a game?

  6. GO CATS :) Sidney tells us she "plays basketball like John Wall" and when she wears the infamous sweatband, she's "Marcus Cousins." We're raising them right!!