Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Oh what a beautiful day! To quote an adorable redheaded 2-year old, "Today was wonderful!"

Thank you Mother Nature for finally having some mercy on us and providing some much needed sunshine relief after the overflow of snow this winter. Someone told me we totaled 38 inches of snow this year. Don't we sort of live in the south? And aren't we supposed to be semi free and clear of the white stuff? I guess it was just to make us all appreciate spring that much more. Mission accomplished! I've seen more shorts, white legs, flip-flops, tank tops and other inappropriate summer gear than necessary over the last couple of days. I understand the excitement people but seriously, 60 is not the new 90!

With the increase in temps and sunshine comes the eagerness to get outside. Whether it's to eat dinner alfresco style, take a walk, play, or collect leaves as some us prefer to do, you can't deny the calling for long. Colin has learned quickly that sunshine equals outside, which equals running free, which equals a worn out little boy and a good night's sleep.

This weekend alone we've hit up the school playground, our neighborhood park, the Arboretum, and of course our own backyard. Let's hope the days of being cooped up inside are over. I know one little boy who thrives on sunshine and all the fun activities associated with it.

@ the U.K. Arboretum:

Discovering his finds.

Storing his finds.

A closer look. I sure am glad I pushed that stroller around for this!

Stopping to cheese for the camera.

Looking completely thrilled to be posing yet again for a picture.

"Is this a good smile, Mommy?"


  1. i agree with that lil' 2 year old!

  2. Your comment on the white legs cracked me up! That is SOOOO me right now!!!

    It was 78 here yesterday - wowza!!!

    Colin - oh my goodness - SO cute.

    And yay for the hubs making an appearance!

  3. Absolutely LOVE that last picture...too cute!!

  4. it was so nice being in Ky and enjoying the fabulous weather!

    looks like your little man enjoyed it as well :)

  5. Love the pics - especially the last one!!