Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are able to enjoy time with your loved ones and relish in the things you are thankful for. Wes and I will be heading to the hills (to his house), as we've done every year but one. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make to be able to spend Christmas at home. Plus, I've recently discovered that this is his favorite holiday, so I'm glad we're able to spend it surrounded by those he loves!

So I don't have any special Thanksgiving recipes to share since I've only prepared one actual T-day meal. I'm anxious to get back to read of your successes though. Hopefully you'll get to try some new things as well as some of your tried-and-true favorites!

I've seen several daily posts both here and on Facebook describing things you're thankful for. I thought this was such a good idea to list something every day of the month but I clearly didn't get my act together in enough time. So I'm consolidating my list into 1 post. In no particular order, I'm thankful for:

- My wonderful, loving, and oh so helpful husband.
- Colin's precious voice - I just wish I could bottle it!
- Family that all live close by. I'm so lucky and it allows me to spend more time with all of them. I love them all so much!
- The love of cooking and trying new foods.
- Great friends who love and support me more than I knew was possible.
- Blog friends who are more like long lost friends.
- Friday nights
- The health of my family
- A great job at a great company
- Watching Colin grow and explore and wishing I could freeze time. It's so fun to watch him experience things for the first time and watch his expression.
- Warm jammies and fluffy covers to keep me warm at night.
- Hope for tomorrow and the joy that today was a wonderful day!

I think I could go on and on but those were the things near and dear to my heart tonight. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I love your list! Esp about bottling Colin's voice - I want to bottle Pierce's too - it amazes me each time I hear it!!