Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Full bladder, unprepared parents

Colin really has had us spoiled since he was a baby. I rarely carried a diaper bag and he somehow had a six sense that told him to not have a shewy diaper anywhere but home. Sure there were the occasional accidents but overall he stayed pretty high and dry. It was very convenient. The problem is that we're still very much used to this and don't even think about taking a change of clothes or really even a clean diaper when we go out and about.

A couple weekends ago we went to visit some friends out of town. Since we were going to be gone longer than our typical 1-2 hours, we did manage to remember a diaper and wipes. Clothes? Nah. Well what we didn't consider was the straw and the subsequent entire glass of water he drank at the restaurant (after his entire cup of milk). Water + milk = lots of urine! While I was super proud I had remembered a diaper, I quickly realized I never even considered a change of clothes. We forged on to our friends' house to chat and borrow their dryer.

Clothes? Who needs 'em?! Does this little boy look like he let it bother him for a minute? Now if you took his food away from him (see belly), you might have a fight on your hands! The sweatband was an addition from our friends, really adds to the look I think. The red socks were salvaged from the excess liquids - thank goodness since I'm not sure Colin could have parted with his favorite socks. I think we have the modesty thing down pat. Now if mommy and daddy could just get the responsibility thing down pat!

And the little darling we visited, Colin's future girlfriend/wife/significant other, Sidney.


  1. Me too! I keep a diaper & some wipes in the car just in case. Sometimes I bring a bag with more things but it's rare. And clothes - never! One time he peed through before I could change him & I had one more stop & had to improvise - not letting anyone see the wet spot!

    I love the red socks & yellow headband though. Very very cute!

  2. I was laughing before I even started reading the post. Don't you just feel like parent of the year when you have these moments? Go ahead and stick an extra pair of clothes in the car and just keep them there. Once you start potty will need them! Bailey had an accident while we were out to eat one night and somehow I just happened to have an extra pair of pants in the car, I had never been so thankful!! Oh, and his future girlfriend is way too cute! :)