Monday, November 23, 2009

Superman and Superboy

Since Wes and I have been feeling like we've been sucked into the tv abyss, we've vowed to cut back drastically on Colin's viewing time. There's just something wrong when he knows every character, episode, and commercial by heart. I guess there's a degree of learning there but I'd prefer him to continue memorizing his books!

So we've been spending more quality time together - win, win for all of us! We've cut out the after dinner tv time and replaced it with good old-fashioned family time. Not only has Colin not missed the television, he's thoroughly enjoyed playing, talking, and being silly with mommy and daddy.

Last night was a special treat for all of us. Wes decided to wear Colin's blue blankie as a cape and run around the family room pretending to be Superman. Colin, idolizing his daddy as any small child does, quickly jumped on board and became Superboy. The family room extended into the entire first floor, as they ran around the circle, arms out, capes on, declaring that they were saving the world and fighting crime. At some point Wes decided mommy needed to be saved and I was quickly rescued with hugs and kisses from both. Wes was amazed at Colin's lightning speed and renamed him the Flash (all of this is new to a non-hero-loving girl). Before it was said and done, Colin had worn my scarf, his jacket (hood only) and had to take 2 brief breaks because he was hot and out of breath. Lucky me, I just got to sit on the couch and watch the joy on my precious 2-year old's face. It really is the simple things that have such an impact on them! In fact, as Wes tucked him into bed, he asked if they could play Superman again? Wes said yes but not right now. Colin said, "Tomorrow after dinner?"

Update: Colin didn't forget and talked about playing Superman throughout dinner tonight. However, with no nap (an ongoing battle as of late) and it being bath night, time was limited. He still made a quick round of crime fighting though.


  1. Yay for you and your manual settings!!!

    How much more in love with your husband does it make you when he does sweet things like that?

    Pierce has become a "show" monster lately - requesting "show! show! one show!" whenever he can get his hands on the remote. Typically he watches maybe an hour a day but with my whole - laying low mandate - I've been more leniant & letting him watch more shows & movies. Now I'm paying the price as I limit him & he still cries out "show!".

    He's not allowed to watch commercials but I kind of am in love with Super Why. I feel like he's really learning. (I'm not supposed to admit that am I?)

  2. I struggle with the TV thing. I was one of those "my kid will never just sit and watch cartoon after cartoon", and for the most part she doesn't. But she has seen more than I ever anticipated. She does know all the characters on all her favorites, but she can remember their names after only one viewing! I'm trying to be more aware of how many cartoons she has watched in one day, but sometimes, some days, it's nice to have a break while she enjoys a cartoon!

  3. So funny! I love the picture of them posing together. Priceless!