Monday, May 25, 2009

It's been a long time...

since I left you. I don't know about you but I seem to find a hundred other things to do once the weather turns warmer, the sun begins to shine on a regular basis, and the flowers start to bloom. Somehow the old blog has taken a backseat to all things spring as of late. I find myself thinking of plenty of other things to do rather than turn on my computer. But I know your lives have all but been put on hold and you are holding on in anticipation of my next words. So as to not let you down, I'm sacrificing a night of Blues Clues (yep, watched that for the first time just now and how is that still on the air - it's terrible), the Bachelorette (dvr), and my favorite pillow just for you.

Here's a weekend recap for you, starting with the greatest:

Granny turns 95!! Whoppee! Only 5 more to go until the big one - heck, they're all big ones at this stage, right?
For her birthday she requested 2 things, well really 3 including the cake, of us, er Colin - to see him ride a tricycle (which had to be bought first and of course was her treat) and for him to read her a book. We managed to make the first wish come true but ran out of time for the second one.

And for her gift, she asked for tennis shoes. I'm pretty sure she's never owned a pair before now but look out, she's got a pair now! We had to reassure her that these were what tennis shoes looked like now days. She wasn't so sure at first. What and where she plans to go in these beauties, I'm not sure, but I can't wait to see her wear them.

After the birthday celebrations, we enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend at the park, shopping, and of course, eating! More posts to come with Granny's cake recipe and a purchase for Colin that I will soon regret. Until then, this sums up Colin's weekend:

Double fistin' it and lovin' it. He's so excited he worked up a good sweat.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Granny! I am sure she will look just stunning in those tennis shoes! And I totally LOL at Colin and his double fistin!