Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy's proud, Momma, not so much

This is the result of the questionable purchase. That's my Colin, a mere babe, sitting only a few feet away from the television, watching STAR WARS of all things! The chair seemed like a good idea when we spotted it in the store. How could we pass up a pint-sized chair, just perfect for Colin? Wes and I clearly had different visions for the chair - Wes = TV, Me = eating or lounging. Wes was thrilled to see Colin sitting still but better still, watching Star Wars.

Meanwhile, I was prefer this:
A nice lounge chair. Now if only it had a cup holder we'd be in business.


  1. What a sweet picture! And that would be a daddy thing to be proud of :)

  2. I agree with Nicole... a VERY daddy thing! LOL And Star Wars to boot?!! LOL Sigh...... its a boy thing.