Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Bachelorette

Are you as excited as I am to welcome the new Bachelorette, Jillian, back tonight? How quickly we (I) forgive and forget the debacle that ABC created with last season's Bachelor. Thankfully, Jillian was able to escape relatively unharmed and hopefully will have a chance to meet the love of her life right before our eyes over the course of the next few months.

I'll admit I wasn't a huge Jillian fan during the Jason show but she's really grown on me and I'm really looking forward to this season. I did a search to add a picture of her and I found a sneak peek of the 27 eligible bachelors. If anyone was searching for a name for a baby boy, there are plenty to chose from. How about Mathue, Kiptyn, Tanner (x2 - really?), Reid (of course I'm partial to this one since that's Colin's middle name), or Sasha? Sasha? Isn't that a girls name? Ok so my pick, based on a thumbnail image, is Greg. Although he may resemble Jason a bit too much, so my backup is the ever-loving WES!
**Revised - Not so sure about Greg's egocentric personality. I mean who rates themself as a 10 and says "hug it out" twice in one minute?! I hate country music so Wes is out. And I'm sorry I made fun of Kiptyn's name because he's really hot (his name is still odd).

Stay tuned, we'll dish more later!


  1. I am still on a Bachelor ban after the Melissa incident.... I need another Trista and Ryan to redeem the show for me!

  2. I see you've been working on making your site productive. Where did the ads come from?