Monday, April 20, 2009

Bucket Head

Where does he get these ideas?  Wes and I were bent in half laughing at him.  He just saw this bucket on his shelf and decided to pick it up and wear it as a hat.  He's in the buff because we were beginning out nightly routine and this was pre-pj's.  He was so thrilled with his new found "hat" that he wore it the whole time we read books.  

He's a jokester - at least for us.  He will barely take his thumb out of his mouth for anyone else (takes after his daddy) but for us he has no inhibitions.  Oh well, at least we get to enjoy it!

This was him running through his room with reckless abandon!

This picture is all about the belly!


  1. love the buddha belly! alexandra has one of those herself!

  2. I have 2 bucket heads!! I'm talking anything that can be a hat. My 6 year old niece calls one of my sons Trash Head, because last time she saw him, he had a trash can on his head. Silly boys!!

    Love the red hair! I'm a fan -- my youngest has red hair and it was the shock of our lives! We have no idea where it came from :)