Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Cakes

Yum!  I just devoured a cupcake from a new bakery here in Lexington and I just had to share my thoughts with you.  Most of you are probably unaware that Lexington has it's very first bakery dedicated to cupcakes!  This has been an up and coming trend around the US, starting in the bigger cities of LA and NYC.  I don't know about you but I'm a big cupcake fan (I only wish they were a touch bigger) because you get a bite of cake and icing in every bite.  That is the perfect marriage after all.  So who, what, when, where, right?  It's called BabyCakes and it's on Patchen Drive, off Richmond Road, right behind Rite Aid/Waffle House. 

Somehow I came across her blog awhile ago and have been following her ever since.  She has a heartfelt story of how the business came to be, making the experience that much more sweet (no pun intended).  She opened her doors about a month ago and according to her, business has been great!  I'm so relieved because I wanted her to succeed so much and you just never know when you start a new business what's going to transpire.  She graciously showed me the inner-workings of the business and of course as soon as I left I thought of 100 more questions I should have asked.  Oh well, there's always next time!

On to the good stuff.  Today's flavors were primarily chocolate varieties but there was the one shining star, the piece de resistance if you will, the illustrious RED VELVET.  I have seriously been craving red velvet anything since my birthday last year.  I have no idea why because the taste isn't that much different than vanilla with a touch of chocolate, but once it's in my head there's no getting it out until I satisfy my craving.  So needless to say, I jumped on the red velvet for myself.  I opted for the Bourbon Chocolate with Bourbon Buttercream for Wes, knowing that I'd be getting to try a bite of his as well.

I tried his icing first and could taste the bourbon that I watched her pour in the icing (yes, it was that fresh).  He offered a bite of the cake as well and I didn't want to be rude, right?  Surprisingly, the bourbon flavor carried over into the cake as well.  I say surprisingly because often cooking liquor cooks the flavor right out.  The bourbon was flavor wasn't overwhelming, it was just enough to give you a taste.

My red velvet, none of which did I offer him a bite of (selfish, I know), was really good.  It was so moist - to the point there was no crumbling when you took a bite.  After taking the first bite I was sad that some of the cake stuck to the wrapper.  Oh don't you worry, I managed to lick off every crumb of delicious goodness.  The icing was perfect (and I'm an icing snob) - just sweet enough.  And the best part?  I detected NO Crisco!  

I can't wait to go back and try every flavor she makes.  The shop is small but super cute, especially when you consider she and her family did it all themselves! She's used chalkboard paint on the walls to display her daily flavors - brilliant.  There was a flavor left over from Saturday that I'm dying to try - Orange Chiffon something.  

Oh and she takes large orders too.  Maybe for your next birthday party or company function?  Try it, you'll like it (:


  1. I'm glad to read your great review! I've been wanting to try this place! I must say while I was reading about the cupcakes my mouth was watering! My BFF's birthday is coming up in May so I'm thinking I may stop by and pick up some cupcakes for her big day!

  2. It is wrong to read about delicious sounding cupcakes first thing in the I want one! I'll have to check this place out next time I'm in Lexington.

  3. Sounds delicious!! Mark's favorite cake is red velvet, so your great review has me wondering when I can drop by the new store and surprise him with a cupcake...

  4. I am so flattered by your write-up of our shoppe. Thank you so much for being so gracious and taking the time to blog about us; it means so much! Someone actually stopped in today and mentioned your blog, so I immediately pulled it up. Again, thank you; your next set of cupcakes are on the house.

    Peace & Love,
    The family at BabyCakes Cupcakes

  5. I am going to have to check this place out! It sounds awesome!