Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Wow!  What a beautiful start to the weekend we had.  Being inside for a minute made me feel guilty for not taking advantage of the great weather.  We took full advantage and hung out outside Friday night.  Colin got to play with the bubbles Grams got him for Easter.  His attention span is so short that he quickly moved on to pots of dirt and flowers.  He could have played out there all night.  He was not pleased when it was time to come in for night-night. 

We started Saturday at our local Farmer's Market.  Colin loved seeing the kids, dogs, musicians, and just being outdoors.  From there we headed to Elise's first t-ball game.  Veteran's Park was hopping with baseball enthusiasts (and some that probably weren't too enthused).  Elise's team didn't win but I think she had a good time.  Colin sure did!  He literally did not put his rear to the bleachers one time in the hour we were there.  He enjoyed climbing on the bleachers, holding on to the fence, and the best part was hanging out by the dugout.  He looked so precious and it made me think about the not-too-distant-future when he'll be the one out on that field.  Wes joked and told Colin that I'd be crying.  Yep, probably will.  Colin was SO exhausted from his eventful day, he took a FOUR hour nap!

Here are some pictures documenting our outdoor fun.

Colin and Daddy picking flowers from the tree.

Colin on the move with his flowers.

Laying out the flowers for Momma.

Checking out Momma's flowers.
Crawling out of Momma's flowers.


  1. A four hour nap??? Can he come over and teach Silas how to do that?

    Love the pictures!

  2. Looks like he had a blast this weekend. I can't believe he took a four hour nap!!!

  3. Wasn't it gorgeous! Love the pictures, I love a red heads hair in the sun. My nephew just turned 6 and has bright orange hair, love it!