Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Count

Sure every parent thinks their child is smarter than the average bear but mine really is! No, seriously, Colin is borderline genius. No, he can't read or write, or even speak more than one intelligible word at a time, but he can count! Yep, yesterday as we were opening the blinds in the kitchen I started with the first one and said "one", then when we went to the second one he said "two". I was proud but didn't think much of it. Then we go upstairs and he's playing with two hangers (What a good parent I am for letting my baby play with hangers. Hey, whatever keeps him occupied!). Wes overhears him talking to himself and counting aloud, "One, ah, ah, ah. Two, ah, ah, ah." And sure enough, he had two hangers!

Now somehow we have to teach him that all counting is not followed by "ah, ah, ah" but we'll get to that. I'm not sure if Wes was more please that he was counting or that he had actually listened to something Daddy taught him. Either way, we were impressed.

See what I mean, Mensa is that you on the phone? Do I have the smartest child in history? What's that, you want to give me a million dollars to exploit my child? Sure, that certainly won't hurt anything.


  1. Ahhh! So cute! Girl, break out the video camera. I only wish I'd cherished these moments more by getting them on tape. If only the Flip was around 9-10 years ago. At the time, it seemed like such a chore to lug out that "big" JVC camera from back in the day, but I wished I'd done it more. At least I still have the construction page of when she wrote her name for the first time when she was going on 3. haha!

    Thanks! for the encouragements. I like the Dove, it seems to give me just enough color to seem real. I use the medium, but I have some natural color already.

    I may even be coming back for Keeneland, so I'm really pushing myself "this" time. haha!

  2. What a smart lil guy you have!! And Bailey loves playing with hangers :)

  3. How fitting that as an accountant's son, he is counting the first time he strings words together!

  4. Love it! Sidney is doing the same thing, and since she's SO obsessed with Sesame Street, I'm glad she's at least getting something out of it. Maybe they can count and "ha, ha, ha" themselves all the way to Nashville!