Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple Yet Delicious

In attempt to scale back and uncomplicate my life, I've been making a real effort to choose less-complex recipes. While some have fallen short of my expectations, overall, I'm pretty pleased with the majority of them thus far. I guess that goes to show you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to make something taste delicious, or at least good.

One of these said easy recipes was the Beef and Barley Soup I made last night. I'm always a tad leery when a recipe comes from Cooking Light because I'm afraid the flavor has been sacrificed to lower the sodium or caloric content. Not this one! Easy - check, delicious - check, fast - check. Wow, 3 for 3. Rarely does something hit such an accord with me to make it to my "Make Again" list but this one did. Although I'm definitely glad spring is coming, I do have something to look forward to when the cold days return December (wishful thinking!).


  1. i love the recipes you share - this looks so yummy for the cold days we've been having of late! warmly, -melanie-

  2. Beef and barley soup is one of my favorites. So simple and so good!