Monday, January 26, 2009

Warm up with a nice big bowl of chili!

In our house there are two soup-type dishes that exemplify winter, chili and vegetable soup. I prefer chili, Wes prefers vegetable soup. Luckily, we both tolerate either but that doesn't stop us from trying to persuade the other to cross over to our side. In an attempt to get Wes to cross over to the dark side, I made this All-American Chili that both the Review Lady and 142 of my closest friends on Cooking Light said was exceptional. I have grown to whole-heartily trust the review/opinion of The Review Lady, so I couldn't wait to dive into a bowl of this chili. The weather was perfect, we had no where to go, and so we were able to just sit back and relax with our nice warm bowl of chili.

This chili did not disappoint! It has a subtle sweetness coming from both the brown sugar and the Merlot, yet a thick meaty texture from the meat, beans, and tomatoes. I used fire-roasted crushed tomatoes for some added flavor as well as the benefit of not having to cut the tomatoes. I didn't have the 2 types of chili powder so I just used 2 tablespoons of regular chili powder. This is my new favorite chili recipe and as the recipe suggests, it was even better the next day. You can find the original recipe here on Cooking Light or the adapted version, that I used, here at The Review Lady's blog.


  1. Whew - I am relieved that you liked it! Mark looked over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and he is a bit jealous that you have chili on such a wintery day. Guess I'll have to add that to our list next week. Thanks for reminding us of the recipe!

  2. Tell Mark I have some frozen that I'd be willing to sell for the right price!