Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going, Going, Gone!

I can't tell you how saddened I am to report that the title refers to Colin's hair, or lack thereof! The boys both needed a haircut so we decided to make the appointment when all of us could go. Colin's hair had spiraled (aren't I clever with my word choice?) out of control and Wes was pretty adamant about getting it cut. Besides the birds nest effect after sleeping and rustling in his crib, I thought it was just fine. It wasn't down in his eyes and it just gave him character, not to mention the luscious curls in the back.
When we got there we were asked the typical hair dresser questions, "What are we doing today?" I was prepared to tell her to trim it as she had in the past but for some reason I decided to ask Wes. Seriously, what was I thinking? Now was not the time to welcome his opinion! The hair dresser asked if we were doing what we had been doing or if we were going to cut it, cut it? Wes said...dum, dum, dum...CUT IT, CUT IT! I guess I was in such shock that I just went with it. I was holding him so I really couldn't see what it looked like until it was all over and I looked down on the ground. There they were, the precious curls all scattered about on the floor. I wanted to cry but I knew that wouldn't put the curls back on his head. Suffice it to say, I hated it. He looked like a different child, one that was much older than 19 months!
When we got out to the car I told Wes I didn't like it and he wanted to know why I didn't say something. What was I supposed to say, glue it back? The damage was done and now I just have to wait and hope that it will grow back just like it was before. Wes told me that he couldn't have kept the curls forever. I'm not so sure about that but apparently that's part of the man code that I'm not well versed in.
Here are some pictures of my not-so-little-boy and his new haircut. Both Wes' and my hair grows really fast, so here's hoping Colin's does too!

Before his hair was so long I could put curlers (at his request) in his hair!

A side view of the curls in the back to go with the overall disheveled look.

And the after....

are you ready for this?

He almost looks sad himself that it's gone. Never fear, he was not the least bit phased by the loss.

And finally a side view. Someone tell me the curls will grow back! Please?!!


  1. Oh, he looks so cute! Jason likes Silas' hair really short too - it must be a guy thing. I really do think it looks adorable though.

  2. Every word of encouragement helps! Wes reiterated today that he couldn't keep his curls forever because "boys don't have curls". What? I know plenty that do but apparently that doesn't fly in his book. You're right, I guess it's a guy thing. Thanks again for your kind words.

  3. Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
    kari & kijsa

  4. I think he looks adorable! He has the most beautiful hair color too.

  5. Oh, yes ... he looks so cute. Loved his curls but his new hair cut is darling! I cannot believe how big he's getting!