Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bill Meck's Dream Come True

I realize that title is lost on any of you that don't watch the Lexington news. We have a very excitable weatherman who, pardon my terminology, "gets off" on any form of severe weather. He has made no effort to hide the fact that he loves snow and probably prays for snow, thus negating those of us praying for the snow to miss us. A coworker of mine saw on channel 18's website that he was forecasting 10 inches of snow before this front was said and done. Pa-leese! Note that the other channels ranged from 1-3 inches. Hmm. While we didn't get the 10 inches of snow, we did get a lovely coating of ice. Colin and I looked out the window this morning so that I could show him the dusting of snow and the coat of ice. His response, "Brrrr". You got that right kiddo! Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to whip out my new camera and snap away (I wasn't brave enough to actually go outside so these aren't quite as clear as they could be). At one point Wes told Colin that I was staring out the window at who knows what. No, I was just trying to capture the ice on the trees in the right light. Geesh, no appreciation for fine photography.

I hope everyone is safe today, tonight, and into tomorrow. It sure would be a good day to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and watch HGTV/Food Network all day! Maybe you'll be so lucky but not me.


  1. That is sooo funny, the Bill Meck thing ~ not the ice. My husband HATED Bill Meck - he just couldn't handle a man that could say ecstatically "the MUGGIES are back!". Hope you all stay safe and warm in all that ICE. Oh and I'm sure little Colin's curls will grow back faster than you would think.

  2. Your title had me laughing before I even made it to the post. Unfortunately we didn't have the relaxing day with hot chocolate either, but we almost did today when our cable and power went out, but it's back up and back to work. (Well, not quite yet, I am procrastinating by catching up on blog reading first!) I hope you all enjoy the snow today if Colin likes that kind of thing - it sure is coming down this morning.

  3. Jesslee - Yes, yesterday and today have to be like Christmas for Bill Meck! The "muggies", I had blocked that term out of my head for the winter season. We actually live in the same neighborhood as him and apparently he hangs out at the pool during the summer. I think he throughly enjoys his local celebrity status!

    Review Lady- I'm glad you have your priorities in line and are blogging first! Colin isn't phased one way or the other by the snow. I would love to snap some pictures of him in the snow though! I'm glad to hear your power is back on.

  4. ROGLMAO---
    I am from Chicago and went to high school with Bill Meck!! I can only hope that he can come back to Chicago before the end of his career -- he would be a great replacement for Tom Skilling... our WGN weather man, if he ever retires....