Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Colin is a funny kid. He amuses us daily with his crazy antics and new tricks. Unfortunately I can't capture his noises on camera but suffice to say he's a character. From his evil laugh to his numerous grunts (of which I understand 90%), he keeps us on our toes, laughing all the way (okay most of the time).
I've noticed for a while now that his tongue has never extended beyond his teeth. He has never stuck his tongue out, licked his lips, or any other activity involving his tongue leaving his mouth. Since I'm a first time mom, I originally thought this was normal and perhaps he just hadn't reached that milestone yet (is it really a milestone?). However, Colin's girlfriend, Sidney, has been sticking her tongue out since she was born practically. Of course she does rival Gene Simmons for the longest tongue so maybe it was just too hard for her to contain that beast in her mouth all the time. So Wes and I, being the concerned parents that we are, have been trying to get Colin to stick his tongue out for several weeks now. I know, some parents try to teach their kids to say please and thank you, or pick up after themselves, while we're busy trying to teach the terrible habit of sticking out his tongue! Finally after months of waiting, we got our wish this weekend. And he promptly did it in the correct context, at lunch. What normally he would have woofed down, he decided to stick his tongue out at and refuse to eat. Be careful what you wish for! That was short lived and his belly won out. When you see the picture below, how could you help but encourage him to stick it out every chance you get?!

This is the closest I could come to capturing the rotten laugh he makes. And by the way, that laugh ensues every time he goes to get this enormous duster. It's like it's his staff or something and he's proclaiming dominance over our house.


  1. Ok, you should have had the photo Jason's dad made with Sidney cropped into the Kiss picture just to add effect....

  2. My hubby is a pescatarian, and he also does not eat fried foods so it is a challenge to come up with foods for him to eat. Luckily, I found these jalapeno cheese-filled "hot dogs" in the tofu/soy section at Wal-Mart that he loooves. So when we tailgate or eat party food that's what he eats. I tried the no-meat thing for a while but I could only eat so many grilled cheese, cheese pizza's, bread, etc. I am really picky and don't eat many vegetables and don't like fish, so I was STARVING! LOL!