Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekly Menu Roundup

Happy Halloween! Sadly, Colin won't be in costume tonight, as his dad and I couldn't reach a decision. I would suggest some cutesy costume, to which Wes would say no, but then he couldn't come up with an alternative. So Colin will suffer from our indecisive, unable to compromise ways. I have a feeling he'll be just fine and never know the difference. But what if he looks back at his scrapbook and asks what he was for Halloween when he was 1? Oh no, I'll have to admit that I didn't fight the good fight and let him go as himself. Well some would say he's a character in his own right, so let's go with that.

But I digress, the real reason for this post is to report my menu for next week. Although I've always read the recipes through before deciding on them, I'm learning to append my previous limitations to only include those that take less than 35 minutes from start to finish. I do allow myself an exception on Sunday, since I have all day to cook.

Monday: Chicken(turkey) tetrazzini, salad

Tuesday: Shrimp enchiladas, refried beans, chips and salsa

Wednesday: Caramelized black pepper chicken, brown rice, bok choy salad

Thursday: Beef tips and caramelized onion casserole, red potato skewers, lima beans

Friday: Creamy Balsamic Tomato Soup, grilled cheese

Saturday: kitchen closed!


  1. Yummy! sounds great! I'd like to try the beef tip recipe - I've been wanting those lately. Do you think I could sub soy milk for the cream? It is thicker than regular milk... That way Caroline could still eat it. I could just leave the cheese off of hers. It all sounds yummy.

    Have a great Halloween! Poor Colin, no costume. : ) I'm taking the easy route this year. The girls are cowgirls and I found a cute little one piece horse costume for Silas.

  2. Cara-
    Yes, I think you could use soy/rice/almond milk. Have you tried the rice cheese? I've tried the sticks and Colin really liked them. I have another recipe for beef tips in the crockpot that doesn't use milk at all. I'll have to dig it out for you.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the girls and Silas in their costumes. I know next year we won't be able to get by with no costume!

  3. Yum...everything sounds delicious, as usual!