Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Thankfully, we had better weather for this year's installment of the pumpkin patch. I wanted to go last weekend but luckily Wes talked me into waiting because it was so unseasonably hot. We ended up going Sunday and the weather was perfect! Colin wasn't too thrilled on the way there but I was able to pacify him by rubbing his hair - a new thing he's really into that makes driving a real challenge! We went to Boyd's again because it's the closest and you can enter the "fun zone" without paying (you just have to pay to do the various activities). Since I'm cheap, this is the place for me. Now I'm sure once he gets older and I have to actually purchase tickets, I'll think this place is a total ripoff, but for now it's great! There were lots of people and still plenty of pumpkins as well. He enjoyed walking through the pumpkins and touching them, but moreover he enjoyed people watching - no denying he's my child with that trait! The most precious moment was when I asked him to give the pumpkin a hug. He bent down and laid his head and cheek on the pumpkin. He then proceeded to the next and did the same. Wes and I were beginning to wonder if we were going to have to wait for him to hug each pumpkin, but luckily a child walked by and he was more enthralled with her. Here's a few pictures from our adventure:


  1. Your little boy is precious.
    I love your blog. Where and how did you get the cute pages on your blog?
    I want to redo mine but don't know how.

  2. He is a doll. We took Carter to the one in Georgetown and you're right- it is expensive. Luckily, the grandparents went too so they paid for him! He loved it also.

  3. Too cute - looks like you all had a fun day!

  4. Colin looks so grown up! His looks are changing fast now. Sorry! I know you want it to slow down.

  5. He is so cute! We go to Boyd's as well and somehow we have kept from paying for all the extra stuff! The kids just enjoy seeing everything and this year we picked apples which was fun.