Monday, October 20, 2008

Life is short

As we go through life, things happen that make us realize how short our time is here. One of those "things" happened to one of my co-workers on Friday. I work in a small office of 13, so we're like family, when something happens to one of us, we all know immediately and feel it as if it were our own personal family. I took a call on Friday from someone I would later find out was the coroner. Apparently one of my co-worker's husbands had been killed in a car accident. As I passed the phone call on to my superior, my stomach did flips. I selfishly wondered if it was someone in my family. I could hardly stand up, I was shaking. Then I hoped that the man had the wrong number or I had misunderstood the nature of his call. No, I heard correctly, her husband had veered off the road, hit a couple mailboxes, and then ultimately crashed into a tree. He was killed upon impact. My superior called myself and 2 other employees in an office to ask what he was supposed to do. As we all stood there in total shock, I told him we couldn't delay, she needed to know now. As I sat at my desk, all I could think about was what if. What if that had been Wes? What would I do? What was my co-worker thinking? What if he hadn't left the house?

What if today was our last day? I don't ask that to depress you. I ask you to realize that each day we are here is precious. Please tell the ones you love you love them while you can. You might not be here tomorrow to tell them. And would that be how you'd want to leave this earth? The next time you get frustrated or upset with someone you love, just remember how much you love them and the problem will seem petty.

Live for today but plan for tomorrow!


  1. Danielle,

    I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I cannot imagine the grief and pain of your friend/coworker and what you all must be experiencing.

    Thank you for the reminder to not take life and time for granted.


  2. Yes, I agree. As you know, my brother died recently. Last night, after talking to my sister-in-law, I realized death can be a seed, if you let it. My brother died but some of us left behind are growing because of his death. Olive is learning how to do simple things around the house like changing the filter on her furnace and even turning the furnace on and using her computer. I call family more frequently and started a blog. So we have a choice - grow or die.