Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 Weeks Worth of Meal Planning

These days my memory seems to travel in waves. I am consumed by one idea, craft, or food for a while and then poof, I've moved on to the next. The waves don't ever go away though, they just recycle themselves and eventually return. Thus, the random posts on my blog! Often it takes seeing posts on other blogs to get me back into focus and realize I've been neglecting something. The Review Lady generally keeps me on the food track but she's been gone for a while, so my foodie posts have suffered. Now that she's back, I know at least one person will read my about my love of food. Hopefully there are others of you that can take at least a little somethin' somethin' from it! For being patient with me, your reward is 2 weeks worth of menu planning! Doesn't that just knock your socks off?!

This Week -
Sunday: Brazilian Seafood Stew (see earlier post), crusty bread, salad with baked pears and goat cheese

Monday: Pan-fried chicken with tomato jam, cheese grits, and spinach bake
*The tomato jam was great and we've already thought of a million other things to use it on.

Tuesday: Chili pie, corn

Wednesday: Spaghetti Pie, salad

Thursday: homemade pizza with Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and banana peppers

Week 2 -
Sunday: Chicken bundles, Brussels sprouts

Monday: Zucchini Cakes with Mushroom Ragout, oven-roasted veggies, sauteed kale

Tuesday: Sausage hoagies with cabbage in the crockpot (from Thursday's paper), pasta salad

Wednesday: Pumpkin pasta (also from Thursday's paper), salad, bread

Thursday/Friday: vegetable soup (Wes has only been waiting on this for about 9 months!)

And you know there's going to be some baked goodies intertwined in there somewhere. I'm thinking the best orange vegetable in the world will be making an appearance - the odds are in your favor Mr. Pumpkin!


  1. Yum! I loved reading your menu - in addition to making me hungry, I now feel a bit lazy that you've already planned two weeks ahead! :)

    Do you have recipes for the chili pie or vegetable soup? They both sound delicious. (I figured the soup must be good if your husband has been waiting 9 months for it!)

  2. First time here from Molly's Mom blog. Look forward to reading more. Can't get over the story about your co-worker's husband. My worst she ok?

  3. T.R.L - I'll try to remember to post the chili pie recipe when I have it in front of me. It's super easy and I think it was an old Mr. Food recipe. I don't have a vegetable soup recipe - it's just whatever I feel like that day. Just the basic, tomato juice, hamburger, veggies, and then lots of spices!

    Solar powered- thanks for reading my blog. I'm off to catch up on the days of your life now!