Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy 94th Birthday Granny!

Man I hope I inherit some of her genes! Granny, my mom's mom, turned 94 years young on Saturday. She still lives alone in her little yellow house on UK's campus, with her poodle, Zachary. She gets around pretty well and is pretty self-sufficient. She does rely on my Mom a lot for her errands and groceries, since she doesn't like to leave her house. The one exception to that rule is Christmas. All year she looks forward to Christmas morning and coming over to my house for breakfast and the ensuing festivities. This year Mom suggested that I invite Granny over for her birthday to see if she'd come. I asked her a week or so ahead of time and she said as of then, yes, but she'd have to wait and see how she felt. Well as the day approached, she was getting more and more excited so I knew she'd come. She requested a yellow cake with caramel icing and of course I obliged. Yes, a chance to make a cake, of course I'll do it. This cake was outstanding - outstanding cake for an outstanding lady! Granny truly is an inspiration and has a heart of gold. I cherish every moment that I get to spend with her and I'm so glad she and Colin have got to spend time together too. Here's to 10 more Granny!

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