Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Boy After My Own Heart

As if there was any doubt that Colin was really my son (Are you kidding, I pushed out that bowling ball!), here's further proof. The child loves to eat and will eat anything. To date, we have not found one food that he doesn't devour. Now he does make the occasional sour face after eating certain fruits, but that doesn't stop him from leaning in for another bite. He's a remorseless eating machine! We have tried to give him a variety of fruits and veggies, while keeping the sweets at bay. Having a mother that is obsessed with sweets, the kid doesn't stand a chance. He got to attend his first birthday party a couple of weeks ago for his soon-to-be-friend, Dean Peabody. As with any birthday party, there was cake and ice cream. Yes, Wes and I caved and let Colin try both. Thankfully he was dead dog tired and wasn't all that interested. Don't get me wrong, he still tried it, but wasn't clamoring for more. He mainly ate the icing and left the cupcake in tact.

Dean on the other hand, was a machine! He plowed through his lunch of pancakes and goldfish and moved right onto his personal chocolate cake (my kind of meal!). The cake was about 4-6 inches in diameter and he devoured it. It was amazing how much the boy put away. He is one step ahead of Colin because he can actually pace himself and actually takes bites, as opposed to shoving the whole thing in his mouth at one time. Colin is still learning that skill.

The birthday party set my mind racing because Colin will be celebrating his 1st birthday before we know it. Clearly I will be making it, but what?! Oh the possibilities are endless!

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