Friday, May 2, 2008

...And Monkey Learns Quickly!

Yep, it's only been a week since his cousin taught him the art of stair climbing and he has conquered them. This morning, with Daddy following closely behind, he climbed the first set up to the landing, took a short break, then climbed the second set. He was so proud of himself that when Daddy called me to tell me of his great accomplishment, he was squealing in the background. I really think he was just trying to tell me that Daddy had gone off and left him and he had no choice but to climb the stairs to try to find him. After his workout he was quite tired and had to eat a little early because he was ready for his nap. That's a lot of work for such a little guy. You try climbing the stairs on your knees!

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  1. hey, to reply - yes, i omitted the plain quinoa and instead made the torte. i think i might like the dish better if i had made regular quinoa and served the chicken over it.
    marisol peppers are little yellow ones, but you can sub a jalepeno for sure!