Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Last week we had a surprise visit from Uncle Kevin and Keaton. At first the boys just stared at each other and kept their distance. Colin was at least able to be in the same room with both of them without screaming. Progress! Keaton quickly discovered the stairs, as Colin jealously watched. It wasn't long before Colin had watched long enough and he decided to try to imitate. He made it up a couple and could have continued if he hadn't tried to sit back and turn around. The stair step just isn't wide enough for that. After I left for work, Wes said that Colin followed Keaton everywhere he went. He loves people his own size. Hopefully he'll get to play with his cousin more often because he really enjoyed it. He even sat in Uncle Kevin's lap for a while! Here are a few pictures from the play date.

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