Wednesday, November 21, 2007


With the holiday season in full swing, I find that my time is even more limited than before. I haven't found time, until now, to update everyone on Colin's latest and greatest. Allow me to do so now. While the act of blowing raspberries isn't the most revolutionary thing in the world, Colin has managed to do it with personality. Apparently he has his mom's sarcasm and his dad's wit because he blows raspberries at the most hilarious times - like he knows exactly what he's doing. The first incident was when he and Daddy were playing and waiting for me to come home from work. Wes told Colin that it was almost time for Mommy. "Do you remember Mommy?" Wes asked. Colin's eyes get really big and he proceeds to blow a raspberry, clearly showing what he thinks of Mommy! The second comical occurrence was when Wes was changing his diaper. Wes got him up on the changing table and was about to open the diaper. He said, "Let's see what we have in here." Colin answered with a resounding raspberry. Again, as if he knew exactly what Wes was asking and was answering appropriately. Every day we find another similarity between the boy and ourselves. He's such a treat!

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