Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Belly time

I know, I go from publishing no posts to two in one night. Will wonders ever cease?! So the other development in Colin's little world is his new sleeping position. He has taken to sleeping on his belly. This happened just a few days ago after he had been on his belly one night during playtime. Now keep in mind prior to this that he hadn't been on his belly for a while nor rolled over in a while. So after playing contently on his belly for a while, he must have realized this wasn't half bad. When Wes put him to bed that night he was on his back. When Wes went to check on him an hour or so later, he had rolled to his belly and he was practically face down - quite unsettling if you expect to get any sleep! Mommy and Daddy only had to check on him approximately 10 times that night to make sure he was still breathing. Meanwhile, Colin seemed quite content and has been sleeping that way ever since. It did take him a little while to get used to waking up face down but he quickly adjusted to laying on his belly and turning his head to the side. Hey, whatever works for him and helps him sleep longer. So far this seems to be the ticket. And I'm even managing to sleep longer than 2 hours without going to check to make sure he's still breathing!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I LOVE KENTUCKY. We lived there for 4 years, but have been gone for almost 4 and I'm surprised how much I still talk about it.