Monday, November 5, 2007

First play date!

Colin has no chance! He's only 4-months old and I've already found him a girlfriend. I promise I won't go so far as finding him a mail-order bride but I might "help" him find the perfect mate! For now, I've decided Sidney is the perfect mate. Her Mom and I are friends, her Dad and Wes are friends, their birthdays are only 6 days apart, and they live relatively close (in NKY). They had their first play date on Saturday. Their dad's supervised while Brooke and I had a much needed "Girls Day Out"! I was slightly frightened when Wes told me that he and Jason were going to lay the kids on the floor and "let the magic happen". Nice! Well everyone survived and the guys even managed to snap a couple pictures.

Colin and Sidney before they realized each other existed!

Sidney: I've tried my hand, let's see if yours tastes the same.
Colin: Okay I guess.

Sidney: Oh Colin, you're SO funny!
Colin: Yeah, yeah.

Sidney: OMG! What is that coming out of your mouth? Gross!
Colin: But Sidney, you're soo cute you make me drool!


  1. I take my nephew to preschool every Friday. A friend of mine brings her daughter. The kids are 11 days apart (they are 19 months old). We go to lunch after "school". The kids hold hands as we walk out of the eateries and this past week when they were hugging good-bye my friends daughter gave my nephew a kiss.

  2. How cute! Kids are so innocent at this age, aren't they? That's great that the kids get to be together and you and your friend get to have some time too.

  3. My friend and I look forwardto our Fridays each week.