Friday, October 12, 2007

This week for dinner...

the menu isn't too exciting. It's a clean out the freezer week because I'm tired of looking at the stuff. I promise next week's menu will be more enticing and original! Without further ado, the menu for the week of October 14-20 is as follows:

Egg, sausage (chicken sausage), mushroom, and goat cheese frittata, cheese grits, biscuits, and fresh fruit

My wonderful mother cooks for us! She watches my son and cooks dinner - I'm so lucky! She'll be making Salmon in puff pastry and I'm not sure what else.

Chicken pasta salad over greens and toasted multi-grain bread

Southwestern Turkey-Cheddar Burgers with Caramelized Onions, mushroom risotto, and oven veggies

Clean out the freezer! I'll be having Chicken Enchilada Casserole and Wes will be having left over Chicken Pot Pie

Sandwich night

Because of the football game we'll be on our own.

**Of course there has to be a dessert of the week as well! This week will be Apple Crumble.


  1. I love the blog idea! I just can't let Rob see your puts my cooking to shame:) Hope all of you are great. I hope I get to see Colin (and the two of you) when we are there for Thanksgiving!

  2. I eat enough for two grown people and a small horse (something along the lines of a pony). Glad to hear I'm not the only one!! :)
    Hope you are doing well. Can't believe I can never get together with friends when I live in the same town with several of them (like you!). We are under construction at home (as usual) and caring for our little one too. Still, it's crazy!
    Have a great day!
    Amy Peabody :)

  3. Okay. Go ahead and put me to shame. I have an empty nest but the kitchen is nearly shut down. I don't think about recipes or menus or even grocery shopping anymore. When my daughter moved out, part of my appetite went with her. Go figure.
    I love your sight and look forward to revisiting.

  4. Sorry guys! I promise nothing is that exotic on the menu. The risotto is out of a box and the other things are 30 minutes or less! I can't do anything that time consuming or complicated anymore because of the little squirt! Amy, we do need to get together and let the boys stare at each other. Time just gets away from us.

  5. Since we have been coming to Lexington every weekend (or it feels that way, not that I'm complaining), I haven't been able to cook as much as I'd like. Last night we were with Carter having his Christmas pictures taken for our cards. That was fun! Tonight we had grilled sandwiches and salad. Tomorrow night I have a work engagement, so the boys are on their own. Thursday, I am planning on making my White Chili in the crock pot so we'll be ready to go when we get home and settled.