Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm a big boy now!

Look at me in my big boy Bumbo seat! The first time I sat in it I proceeded to spit up. I liked sitting on the counter watching Mommy cook though. I feel like such a big boy. Here's me in my seat.


  1. I swear, he is too cute! I remember when Carter sat in his Bumbo and loved it. I wish I had invented those! Now I am lucky if he'll stay seated in his high chair for dinner.

  2. Courtney-
    Thanks! We think he's pretty darn cute too. He's starting to look more like a little person instead of just a baby. I still can't really decide which of us, if either, he looks like. I have no doubt Colin will be fiesty too and won't want to sit still no matter what we put him in! Give Carter a big hug for me.