Monday, January 14, 2013

Let it Snow!

Could this be our only snow of Winter 2013?  I would not be sad if that was true.  I don't mind it if I'm inside and have nothing to do but watch it pile up on each branch of the trees, but if I have to go to work, I watch nervously as it begins to cover the road.  I only have one speed, fast.  So that's not exactly conducive to slick roads.  

Nonetheless, my kids love the snow.  Their internal thermometers must temporarily stop working because they could easily spend an entire afternoon in sub-zero weather and not be the least bit phased.  I guess I'm just a sissy.  

So when we finally got our first snow, the boys were itching to go outside.  Not before we stopped by Target and just had to have some new snow boots!  Sawyer may or may not have been wearing them ever sense.  The kid loves him some 'piderman!

Colin is so astute.  He sees a camera and immediately grabs his brother for a photo op.  One never knows how long said photo op will last, so one must strike while the iron is hot.

Today proved to be a good day and Colin was all about modeling.  Even Sawyer joined in the fun.

Showing his older brother dominance and quite possibly squeezing a tad too hard (thus the biting of the tongue).

I think we have an oral fixation with the tongue...and the thumb.

Sawyer wasn't quite sure what to do with the snow.  So he stood there and watched his brother run wild.

This snow business is hard work.  I'm just going to stand here and look at bubby's footprints.  



  1. So cute! I can't believe how grown up they both are looking - and you are a pro with that camera!

    (p.s. I resurrected the old blog in a new format this week: